The Constable Quiz League
Guidelines for Question-Masters

Please read this (to yourself) before starting


In two halves of 5 or 6 rounds each, the last round of each half being a written round. There will usually be two or three questions on each subject for each team. Normally two points are given for a team answering their "own" questions and one for a bonus unless otherwise noted. Two points for each correct written question. The teams draw cards for tables 1, 2 and 3 at the start and the order of asking is 1, 2 and 3 for the first half (clockwise) and 3, 2, 1 for the second half.

Start Time:

8.00 pm is the stated start time, the idea being to finish around 10pm. We've asked that all teams try to respect this. Late Arrivals can be greeted with jeers!!. If you keep it brisk enough you shouldn’t have any problem finishing by 10pm. Brisk, by the way, is best. They can always ask you to slow down, but people seem embarrassed to ask anybody to speed up.

We usually try to fit a break or sometimes two in. Use your judgement.

Time to Answer:

No time limit has been set in the past but a good rule of thumb is 30 seconds for a team's own question and 15 for a bonus! Be prepared to be lenient if the question/round is one which requires more thought than usual. Time given should be fair and equal to all teams and in proportion to the difficulty of the question. Saying "Team Two?" a couple of times before warning that you will pass the question on should do the job. If they really push it you can just pass it on to the next team for a bonus, but shaming them (why not? They're boring everybody else!) into an answer, or a pass, may be a better, and less stroppy, solution.

Nearly Right Answer:

This is often a tough one!. I expect all Underlined words to be included for a correct answer!. So if the full correct answer is obviously required then you should expect that. But if there is some leeway and the essence of the answer is obviously correct, consider giving the points. Mispronounced answers, or variants where it is obviously correct, should be given as correct. Watch out for mumbled answers that might be capable of more than one interpretation. Ask them to repeat the answer more clearly. Partly correct but incomplete answers usually require an expectant look (no clues) to see if they can expand on the answer. The same applies where an entirely different form of words is used. Fair teams should consider if they think another team got it right!

Disputed Questions & Answers:

It Will happen. ALL QUESTION SETTERS MAKE MISTAKES! Error percentages vary from 1-5%. There are also questions where the meaning may not be clear, in which case you must use your own judgement as to what is fair. If the mistake is really obvious and everybody, out of common sense, agrees, then the points are usually given.

But this is what the spare questions are for, so DONT BE AFRAID TO USE THEM ! A WARNING FOR THE TEAMS IS THAT THE SPARES ARE NOW RANDOMISED AND THE FIRST MAY NOT BE EASIEST. The Vast majority of the time the answer given will be right but the question has been misunderstood (or perhaps badly phrased by ME !)

Can you repeat the question?

Why not ? Pubs can be noisy, people talk while you are reading, or there may be a lot in the question to absorb and understand. Dont let a team get away with more than one repeat unless it's very tricky or noisy. This is a time hallowed delaying tactic but we must be fair to everybody. It's normal to ask if anybody wants any questions from the written rounds repeated before passing the papers and I think within reason to do so. But it's highly unusual for that to include all 15.


Balance is something that can be considered a little difficult. Everybody tries to set an even set of questions, but it's never easy, because so much must be a subjective decision. Hopefully over each quiz and over the season everybody will feel they've had a fair crack of the whip. If not cut then question setter some slack or volunteer to do the job for next season!


Can you ask the home team captain (or whatever) to send the results to Jim Craddock as soon as the quiz is over via phone or text to 07970 557943 or email to

The Golden Rule:

We're all grown-ups and this has been one of the most successful quiz leagues in the area through 20 seasons. The reason for the entire quiz is to have some fun and enjoy each other's company. Please remember this teams!

Any critics should consider how They would go about setting 26 or more quizzes, at the rate of one a week!

Author: Alastair McCraw
Last Update:2 October 2011 by Jim