Constable Quiz League 2013-2014

Welcome to the Constable Quiz League web site for the 2013-2014 season


Thanks to all the teams that have registered for the 2013/14 season. Unfortunately we are now down to seven teams as Kings Head B have decided to retire. We have also lost The Kings Head as a venue, but The Red Lion in East Bergholt has agreed to host instead. Consequently, Kings Head A will now be known as the Lion Kings. The Case will continue to play from The Carriers.


Seven teams means that league matches will be three teams at two venues, plus one team bye/question setting. However it also means a league of only 14 weeks so it has been suggested that we augment the fixture list with friendly group quizzes when all teams can take part. These would be more informal with no league points, teams can split or merge, or miss the evening altogether. It also gives an opportunity for new teams to come along if they so wish. The Cross and Dedham have already indicated that they can host seven teams but other dates remain. Could you check if your own venue can host seven (or more) teams once in a while. Volunteers will be needed to write the quizzes whilst the rest of the team plays. These quizzes may be all written, but ultimately, the question setter has full autonomy to try something new.

League Information:


Instructions for question setters:


One of the bye teams is responsible for setting the questions for their bye week as shown on the fixture list unless told otherwise.

Please double check that each venue is sent

Once the quiz is over
then please email the questions to If you havent already finished writing up your quizzes then here are some useful resources.




Resources for Question Setters


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