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Welcome to the Constable Quiz League web site for the 2010-2011 season.

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Registration 11th September 2011 at the Cattawade Crown

First quiz 2nd October 2011

New rules for scoring now the Anchor is not playing

The points allocation will be as follows:


Venues with Three Teams.


1.) The bonus question (if there is one), is only offered to the next team as per the usual system.

2.) If this team gets the bonus question wrong, then the bonus question is not passed to the third team.


Venues with Two Teams.


A.) Only two sets of questions are used - the questions to be used are selected in the usual way before the quiz commences.

B.) The bonus question (if there is one), is offered to the other team.


In this way every team gets the same number of chances of a bonus regardless of whether it is a 2-team match or 3-team match.  In addition, it may make asking the questions simpler at 2-team matches.


Updated fixtures, showing additional home matches are also on the website.

First match Sunday 1st October 2010


For this season the team on a BYE is setting the quiz for the rest of the teams during the league. It is also the BYE teams responsibility to print and distribute their quiz to the venues in plenty of time for the quiz.

Please double check that each venue is sent

A full set of questions and answers, including mix and match handouts and answers
A contact telephone number in case of problems on the night and please make sure that contact has a full set of questions and answers.

Please send a mail to the list confirming that the quiz has been sent out and how, so we all know if they are being hand delivered to the venue on the night. Once the quiz is over then please email the questions to If you havent already finished writing up your quizzes then here are some useful resources.

Blank quiz Word document

Blank quiz Word template

Blank quiz RTF format

Blank Mix & Match Round document

Blank Mix & Match Round RTF file


Blank Written Round document

Blank Written Round RTF file



Have fun.

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Constable Quiz League Bulletin Board

This provides a forum to discuss anything to do with the Constable Quiz League, ranging from queries and clarifications about individual quizzes and questions to suggestions on future formats or how the league is run.

Everyone has guest access to read the bulletin board. If you want to post messages then please email Iain ( to get an account.


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