Constable Quiz League 2008-2009

Plans for the Constable Quiz League 2009-2010

Each team is going to set at least 2 but preferably 3 quizzes for next year using last years format. We’ll worry about the details of running the league later. To make life easier, and encourage consistency, here is a blank quiz Word document and Word template that teams can use for writing their quizzes. Simply download the files and start writing questions.  Any queries, then you can email Jim and Lesley at or use the cql mailing list

Have fun.

Blank quiz Word document

Blank quiz Word template

Blank quiz RTF format

Notes from the AGM

At the CQL AGM on Sunday 26th April we didn’t have any volunteers as question master or chair, which obviously threatens the future of the league. The AGM was still positive and a number of ideas emerged for the league next season.

Obviously it would be great if a question master could be found.  If someone comes forward as question master, others have already offered to help spread the load of chair by doing the fixtures, running registration and the AGM. Failing that the following options were agreed.

1)      Paul Francis of the Bromley Cross team is going to research buying questions for next season.  He’ll report back to us all via the cql mailing list, so it’s very important that if you are interested in the future of the league you should subscribe (see below).

2)      If we are unable to find a question setter or buy a ready-prepared quiz for each week, then we’ll still be able to run the quiz using some other options. These are far from ideal, but offer a future for the league.

       a.            We re-use some questions from previous seasons.

      b.            Each team writes at least 2 complete quizzes to a standard format, as used by Dave Mills last season. These quizzes are then used when the team who have set the quiz are on a bye (yeah, there are lots of ifs and buts but it’s better than not having a league). All 6 teams present at the AGM agreed to do this. And even if we get a question setter, they can borrow from this pool of questions and ideas.

We’ve got 4 months to sort this out so if there is anyone out there prepared to help in any way then please come forward.  The above ideas mean a question master wouldn’t have to write every question, but ideally we still want someone who is not playing to collate quizzes, photocopy and arrange distribution.  Alastair has said he’ll continue as an interim chair while we sort this out.

The mailing list is the best forum for discussion

If you are not already subscribed to this list then email me at and we’ll invite you to join.

Jim & Lesley

Dates for CQL 2009-2010

Quiz Registration: Sunday 13th September 2009
First Match: Sunday 4th October 2009

Welcome to the Constable Quiz League web site for the 2008-2009 season.

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