2007-08 SEASON.




These are just some short notes about stuff that you may need, or want, to be reminded about.



The Fixture List is fairly self-explanatory. We’re indebted to the Scheduling Expert of the last several years, Gary Dobson, who helped again with the schedule! We’ve lost the Carriers teams, which means we’re down to 8 teams, so there are 2 quizzes every week and with 2 teams on a bye.


As you know the subscription has been kept at £40 for this year. It’s still only £10 per person forover 20 quizzes, or less than 50p a go! This includes £5 for each team towards the food for both the Christmas Charity Quiz (The two have been amalgamated!) and the Knockout Final. We need everybody to come along to the Christmas Quiz this year and we’d certainly like to see a full turnout for the Finals Night! With 8 teams, we’ll have at least half the league in the Final so there’s no reason why the other half can’t come along to cheer or boo (if you must!).

The Charity/Christmas Quiz should be expected to raise a decent sum of money for this year’s nominated charity, whatever we may decide it to be.


Results: Home Venues are responsible for reporting the results of fixtures to the league.

You have three methods available.

  1. Phone on the night. (Best time is just after the quiz is over).
  2. E-mail on the night, when you get home!  
  3. Post the Card!

Either 1 or 2 are required.  3 is also required.

This way we can keep the scores updated and included in the following weeks envelopes!

And remember as agreed in the last couple of AGMs.  Teams on a bye will be given the average score of the teams that are playing.


Alastair McCraw and Jim Craddock