Constable Quiz League 2006-2007 Knockout Draw
Team Group A Home Week
1 Carriers April 1st
2 Royal Oak April 15th
3 Case April 22nd
Group B
1 Bromley X April 1st
2 Dedham April 15th
3 Hare B April 22nd
Group C
1 Crown April 1st
2 Hare A April 15th
3 Red Lion April 22nd
Winner of each group goes through to the final along with the TWO highest runners up.
(Tie breaker questions will be included with the final week questions).
Can the Hare teams sort out venues and let Terry and Alastair know.
If there are any other problems with scheduling a home match, please contact Alastair on 07812 564188 and he'll sort it out.
KO final at Dedham on 29th April