Constable Quiz League AGM Minutes for 2002/2003

Minutes Constable Quiz League AGM held at the Dedham Sports Club, The Drift, Dedham on Sunday 13th April 2003 at 8.00pm.


Paula Barnes – Manningtree Red Lion; Noreen Bell – Dedham Sports & Social Club; Lesley Broadbent – Bromley Cross; Jim Craddock – Bromley Cross; Mike Deane – Royal Oak ‘A’ (representing Royal Oak ‘B’); David Eastall – Case is Altered ‘B’; Question-setter 2002/2003: Andrea Green; John Green – Carriers Arms; Paul Hawkins – Crown Exiles; Tracy Hill – Dedham Sports & Social Club; Question-setter 2003/2004: Alistair McCraw; Graham McCraw – Crown Exiles; Chairman: Iain Moffat – Hare & Hounds B; Derek Nash – Hare and Hounds ‘A’; Julie Nash – Hare and Hounds ‘B’; Ann Noy – Dedham Sports & Social Club; Richard Perry – Bromley Cross; Alan Robinson (Kings Arms); Treasurer: Alan Rogers – Carriers Arms; Minutes: Kevin Rose – Hare & Hounds B; Pat Ryan – Hare and Hounds ‘A’; John Scones – Case is Altered ‘A’; Harvey Spindler – Hare and Hounds ‘A’; Graden Spindler – Hare and Hounds ‘A’; Bill Songer – Beehive; Phyllis Songer – Beehive; Jackie Watson – Red Lion; Ian Willis – Kings Arms ‘A’; Rod Willis – Kings Arms ‘A’.


1.  Apologies.

Carol Carey – Royal Oak ‘A’; Geoff Cullum – Kings Arms ‘B’; Gary Dobson – Cattawade Crown; Greta Mason – Beehive.


2. Minutes from Constable Quiz League AGM Minutes for 2002/2003 – 22nd April 2002.

Accepted without any changes.


3. Chairman's Report.

·      The Chairman offered a vote of thanks to Andrea Green and Val for producing the questions for the season.

·      The two teams from the Case is Altered were welcomed to their first AGM.

·      The Crown Exiles, formerly the Cattawade Crown, left their home pub and played the majority of their matches away.

·      The East Bergholt Red Lion will join the Knockout Quiz making a total of 15 teams.

·      Organising the fixtures during the early part of the season so each team played as many other teams was problematic due to there being 14 teams.  It is hoped that next season that the number of teams will be a multiple of three.

·      The majority of results were reported on time and no results cards being received on only 2 occasions.  The Chairman needs to receive an E-mail or telephone call confirming the match result on the same night as the match to ensure that the results are published on time.

·      The bye-weeks worked well in co-ordinating the fixtures.

·      The Marquis of Cornwallis and the East Bergholt Red Lion have both shown interest in joining the league.  Both teams will be invited to the registration evening.


4. Treasurer's Report:

·      The Treasurer reported expenditure of £210.90 and income of £210.84 leaving a deficit of £0.06.  Being a well-known philanthropist Alistair McCraw kindly made a donation of £0.06 to the League.  This left the League’s total reserves unchanged from the previous year at £234.72.

·      The Chairman proposed and seconded by Paula Barnes – Manningtree Red Lion, that Andrea Green was paid £106.00 for expenses incurred as Question-setter 2002/2003.  The proposal was carried unanimously.

·      The Treasurer reassured the League members that the accounting practices employed were in line with good practice following the Enron scandal.

·      The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the Treasurer.

·      A letter of thanks had been received from the NSPCC for the last year’s donation in memory of Phil Blurton.

·      The amount collected during Charity Week was £101.05.  The Chairman proposed that money was donated to the Essex Air Ambulance, which was seconded by Graham McCraw – Crown Exiles.  The proposal was carried unanimously.

·      The Chairman proposed that there should be a collection for the Question-setter, which was seconded by Paula Barnes – Manningtree Red Lion.  The proposal was carried unanimously.

·      Andrea Green proposed that the Chairman should be reimbursed for any expenses and was seconded by Alistair McGraw.  The proposal was carried unanimously.


5.  Election of Officers For 2002-2003.







Iain Moffat

Graham McGraw

Derek Nash


Alan Rogers


Phyllis Songer


Alistair McGraw


Noreen Bell


Gary Dobson


Paul Hawkins


Iain Moffat

David Eastall

Mike Deane


All were elected unopposed.


6.  Schedule for Season 2003/04.


The following dates were agreed for the Season:



14th September 2003 at the Red Lion

League Starts:

28th September 2003

Christmas Quiz:

21st December 2003

Christmas Break:

28th December 2003 & 4th January 2004


The remaining dates would be agreed once the number of teams that registered and the total number of competitive weeks was calculated.


7.  Any other Competent Business


7.1. Catering.


It was agreed that the Caterers should be reimbursed for events such as the Knockout final and the costs should be covered by the league’s funds.  To ensure that the required level of catering was provided it was agree that attendance to the Knockout final would be confirmed on the result card two-weeks prior to the date of the final.


7.2. Spare Questions.


Occasionally there had been disputes over questions at matches.  It was agreed that the Question-setter would remind question-readers about the use of Spare Questions when distributing the questions.


7.3. Time Allowed for Bonuses.


The Hare and Hounds B proposed that a time limit of 20 seconds was given for bonus questions.  The proposition was not seconded and it was decided to leave to the discretion of Question-reader the length of time for bonus questions.  The Hare and Hounds have decided to implement a time limit on bonus questions to 20 seconds.


7.4. Minutes of Future Meetings.


It was proposed that the Minutes are distributed at the Registration Evening.  Alistair McCraw considered that the Minutes were overly officious and hence unnecessary.  As Question-setter, Alistair McCraw informed the meeting that, in traditional democratic style, he would include any information that he thought pertinent to the League in the notes that he distributes with the questions.  There was no decision as to whether Minutes would be produced at future League meetings.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.54pm.


Minutes by Kevin Rose